How to Log into RainCaper Wholesale Site


Once you are registered & logged in, you can place orders 24/7, review inventory, download images for social media, etc. If you're having any issues, email us or call 877-789-9975 x 1 

We're happy to email existing customers a password reset link.

RainCaper Wholesale website


  1. Go to 
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner
  3. Choose the REGISTER tab
  4. Enter email address
  5. Click REGISTER EXISTING ACCOUNT and follow the steps. It will require a Validation Number which is either your Customer Number, Order Number, Invoice Number or P.O. Number.
  6. Having trouble? Just reach out and ask us to email you a password reset link.



  1. Follow steps 1-4 above
  2. Click BRAND NEW CUSTOMER and follow the steps to sign up for an account. There's no waiting period, so you can register and place an order right away.
  3. We'll look forward to working with you! Our Customer Relations team is available at 877-789-9975 x1 to answer any questions or help you build an order.

For more info, Retailer Resources includes our current catalog, order form, and product images and videos.

Note: Amazon sales are not permitted