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Laurel Burch Inspired Gifts

Laurel Burch is a self-taught artist born in 1945, who began handcrafting one-of-a-kind jewelry in the 1960s when she was only 19. By 1974, she was renowned for her signature art style characterized by colorful, imaginative creations and a strong sense of storytelling.

Drawing inspiration from her life experiences, including her journey as a single mother, Laurel’s vivid imagination gave birth to hundreds of paintings of captivating cats and dogs, ethereal birds, flowers, and figures that capture the soul of humanity—all portrayed in a rainbow of brilliant colors accented with silver and gold. 

This unique approach resonated with collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide, earning her a devoted following as she expanded her artistic repertoire to include original jewelry, apparel, greeting cards, and other products adorned with her beautiful designs.

The wonders Laurel created in her bright, bold style are now part of her legacy. Her life and art serve as an inspiring testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and the connections that bind us together.

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