RainCaper Gloves

Stay warm, stay connected and stay stylish. Gorgeous gloves complete any outfit – protect your hands and add a touch of elegance to daily activities. Shopping, formal occasions, travel, garden parties, church – gloves are always appropriate and the perfect fashion accessory. Choose from warm gloves with cozy faux fur cuffs, chic 3-season gloves, or wear a masterpiece and express your artistic side with museum-inspired Fine Art gloves

Gloves are more than a fashion accessory for special events – they are a stylish way to keep your hands clean, preserve your manicure and protect your hands from the sun while driving or running errands. Your hands are always exposed yet often overlooked when applying sunscreen or SPF foundation; gloves dress up an outfit, keep hands warm and provide a layer of protection in any climate.

Dog walkers know how chilly and raw it can be on cool morning and evening walks – windproof gloves take the chill off. Why endure cold, chapped hands on damp, windy or chilly days? Slip a pretty pair of gloves into your purse or tote and prepare to face the elements with style.

Strollers, shopping carts and walkers often have metal handles that conduct the cold - gloves provide a welcome layer of warmth and comfort. Going places? Don’t rely on hand sanitizer and wipes alone when you can wear washable, fashionable gloves. RainCaper transitional gloves are perfect for airports, bus travel, commuting, shopping and sightseeing. Windproof gloves let you open doors, grasp railings and move with confidence while looking your very best.

Wonder about glove etiquette? Despite what you may see on TV or at the movies, gloves should never be worn while eating, drinking or smoking, nor should gloves be worn while applying makeup or playing cards. Gloves are meant to be worn, not carried, and one should never wear rings or watches over gloves. It is entirely appropriate to wear gloves while shaking hands in a reception or when dancing, and short gloves are suitable for garden parties, teas and similar formal indoor occasions, receiving lines and dances.

Need warm gloves? No one enjoys cold hands! Choosing the perfect pair of warm gloves is easy at RainCaper – our washable faux suede gloves are breathable and designed so that one size fits most, plus our winter gloves are trimmed with cozy faux fur cuffs for added comfort and luxury. Whether you seek formal gloves, party gloves, fancy gloves, short gloves, dressy gloves, driving gloves, fashion gloves, special occasion gloves, gloves for cool weather, church or travel, RainCaper gloves offer functional fashion and a fabulous look. Whatever the weather, make a statement while walking, window shopping, visiting museums and more.