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RainCaper FAQs & Troubleshooting

RainCaper Frequently Asked Questions





Your RainCaper is easy to care for!
  • Machine wash cold or warm
  • Hang to dry
  • Don't dry clean. That's it! You can iron it if you'd like. Just don't iron the plastic magnet coverings.

    How do I fold my RainCaper and put into the travel pouch?

    What does "One size fits most" really mean?

    RainCaper comes in just one size, and really fits from petite up through approximately a plus size 24. It'll end up a bit shorter on a more full-figured woman but will still keep your handbag and top nice and dry. RainCaper will be a little longer on a narrow or petite woman. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

    What sets RainCaper apart from other rain capes?
    • RainCaper has a gently rounded silhouette which is flattering on most ladies, vs. points at the bottom.
    • Our RainCaper hood is carefully sized to provide complete coverage and still let the wearer see out. Some other hoods on the market swallow up your beautiful face!
    • The RainCaper travel pouch includes a handy snap strap to attach to a suitcase, rolling bag, tote or backpack. It's a small feature, but we think it's a super-convenient one!
    • RainCaper's soft, silky fabric is breathable and water-repellent – rain rolls right off!


    How can I get a custom RainCaper for my business or group?

    We have low minimums and would love to work with you on custom solids or gorgeous prints! Just email us at: info@raincaper.com 



    RainCaper Reverse Umbrella Button Release


    What is Taslon, aka Taslan?

    Taslon is a fairly new technical fiber. It can be woven into a microfiber fabric (just like a cotton fiber can be woven into soft sweaters, elasticized undergarments, or a sturdier poly-cotton fabric). The Taslan fiber is coated with a Teflon® -like material that makes the fiber itself waterproof; liquids like sweat and water bead right up. It dries incredible quickly because no water is absorbed at all. 

    Once the Taslan fiber is woven into a tight microfiber weave, it creates a fabulous material for our floppy sun hats that are waterproof and perfect for rain! 


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