Vincent van Gogh Art Inspired Gifts

Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent van Gogh is one of the most beloved figures in Western art history, and is a personal favorite for us here at RainCaper. Van Gogh struggled to find success in his lifetime, and often depended on the kindness and support of his friends and family.

He applied his signature dramatic brushstrokes, bold lines and powerful use of color to whatever subjects were available to him- often fresh flowers from the market, outdoor scenes, or the rooms where he painted.

Van Gogh had a major breakthrough in 1888, when he moved to a sunny yellow house in the south of France with the idea of starting an artist’s colony. Inspired by the beautiful countryside, he completed over 200 paintings in two years, including “Cafe Terrace at Night” and many paintings of sunflowers.

No matter what the subject, Van Gogh’s paintings strike the viewer as full of power and passionate feeling, and it is perhaps this quality that made him a favorite among other artists in his lifetime. Van Gogh is also known for his beautiful letters to his brother Theo, where he recorded his thoughts on the life of an artist and his passion for his work.

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