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Going on a cruise – what’s not to love! It’s exotic, romantic and a wonderful way to relax. It’s also an opportunity to sightsee, shop, stroll and dine in style, whether on land or at sea. Perhaps you’ll be seated at the Captain’s table, or you may find a charming place to dine on the beach or at a scenic overlook. In any event, you’ll want to look and feel your best, which means comfortable clothing that will transition effortlessly from day to night, along with practical footwear that allows you to dance and dine the night away, even after a day of some serious shopping.

So many cruises depart from Florida or are in the Caribbean, which often results in a constantly changing climate – it may be hot and humid outside, cool or even cold in establishments that crank up the air conditioning inside; there may be windy conditions or passing showers, so some type of lightweight rain jacket or packable raincoat is a good idea, even if you were not really planning on packing a coat or jacket.

Layering is essential – it makes it easy to adapt to changing weather conditions when you can add or remove a layer of clothing. Think basic tanks and tees, a few dressy tops and a shrug, sweater or wrap of some kind - that's the sort of cruise wear you'll wear day and night. You’ll also want something with long sleeves to protect against too much sun, pesky insects or cool weather. Long pants, shorts, a nice skirt, swimsuit, sleepwear and a robe are all basics you’ll need regardless of the cruise destination. Because many cruise lines have a dress code for dining, be sure to pack something that will pass as formal – a simple black dress can be accessorized multiple ways; the same goes for a nicely tailored pant suit. Most cruise lines offer a valet service so it’s an opportunity to pack dressy garments – leave the ironing to the pros and enjoy your time at sea.

Accessories make the difference – it’s easy to change the look of an outfit with a colorful scarf, a gorgeous necklace, an artfully draped sarong or a stylish shrug, plus you may find you buy clothing as souvenirs in your travels – it’s always fun to sport new jewelry or a hand painted scarf created by a local.

Versatility is key – multi-purpose garments that can be worn different ways make it easy to pack light and leave room in your suitcase for treasures you’ll pick up in your travels. We like a reversible travel cape because packing a jacket, a windbreaker and a rain coat takes up too much space plus a reversible garment offers multiple looks. RainCaper China Blue Travel Cape & Raincoat

A RainCaper travel cape is one option – it’s windproof so you don’t need a windbreaker, plus it’s rainproof and hooded, so you don’t need a raincoat, and it’s reversible – with a solid side and a print side, you’ve got it covered coming and going. Wear it as a fancy cape for dinner, as a cover-up on the way to the gym or the pool, for protection from sun, as a windbreaker and for privacy when you sleep on the plane.

A RainCaper travel cape is cute but it’s also practical because it covers up your cell phone and purse so you can travel with confidence and look good. We’re feeling nautical and loving hues of blue and white…check out the

Garfield RainCaper

RainCaper Navy/Garfield Travel Cape & Womens Raincoat


(it reverses to Navy) and the gorgeous China Blue RainCaper (also reverses to Navy) or keep it neutral with a Black & Sky Blue RainCaper – it’s all good!

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