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April 26, 2019 3 min read

Who doesn’t love a quick weekend getaway? Whether you’re going to a cabin at the lake, a beachfront retreat or into the city for a night or two on the town, packing should be easy. You want to look and feel your best, without the burden of checking bags (who can afford to do that anyway, plus who wants to risk luggage getting lost?)

Start by packing the basics – toiletries, nightwear, socks & undies – you know the drill. When it comes to clothing, think layers and accessories – by choosing solid colors for tops and bottoms, you can use colorful accessories to dress up your outfit without taking up a lot of packing space. Items such as a basic white tank or black tee, a sweater, black pants, leggings or a skirt and black shoes transition effortlessly from day to night with the right accessories. Since weekend travel time is limited, skip anything that needs to be ironed and go with lightweight, packable clothing that will shake out and look good the minute you unpack. Thank goodness for yoga pants!

An oversize scarf can serve as a sarong if you’re heading to the beach or the pool; wear it as a scarf when shopping, then turn it into a shrug or shawl for cocktails. Depending on the size of your scarf, you might even be able to ditch the pants and wear it as a skirt (or wear it over those yoga pants to cover your bum). Accessories such as statement sunglasses, great necklaces, cute earrings, barrettes and hair clips, a colorful belt and a stylish handbag make any outfit look divine. Animal prints are the new neutral – they pair with everything from jeans to a designer gown. A cute pair of leopard print flats is a great way to accessorize your weekend ensemble and add a touch of sophisticated style. Look for other versatile garments that can be worn multiple ways – a reversible travel cape is one example.

Packing a jacket, a windbreaker and a rain coat takes up too much space; with a sweater and a hooded travel cape you can enjoy multiple looks in any weather without excess baggage.

Check out a RainCaper Black & Leopard travel cape – it’s windproof and rainproof plus it has a hood and a handy travel bag to put it in (you can use the travel bag as a clutch too). One side is a gorgeous leopard print that’s perfect for prowling every city street and back alley by day or night and totally adorable to wear for a wild night on the town. Turn it around by reversing to Black for a chic and classic look that goes from church to brunch to a walk through the park or a river cruise. A travel cape is perfect for dressing up any outfit plus it offers plenty of coverage to protect your designer bag, cell phone and travel essentials.

 Black & Leopard womens rain coat alternative and packable raincoat

Travel undercover – grab some oversize sunglasses and your travel cape – put the hood up to avoid the paparazzi, beat a bad hair day or camouflage the evidence from a night of partying. It’s great to wear on the plane because you can create your own private space and dodge the cold air vents, and a breeze to slip on and off as you go through airport security. Now the only question is, where are you going this weekend?

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